A mix from my earbuds to yours

Just kidding, I used headphones. Picture via Married to the Sea.

A while ago the kind fellas over at Soulclap invited me to contribute a mix set for their podcast. After innumerable gear snafus and a few extremely stretched self-imposed deadlines, the mix is finally completed and posted! Here’s the tracklisting:

The Youngsters, “Third Knife” [20:20 Vision]
Naughty, “World Of a Woman” [Moodmusic]
Carsten Jost, “Love” [Dial]
Redshape, “Pink Dust” [Styrax Leaves]
False, “Face the Rain” [M_nus]
Osborne, “Outta Sight” [Spectral Sound]
Arto Mwambe, “Noh Ngamebo” [Brontosaurus]
Jesse Rose & Rob Mello, “Do You Wanna” [Front Room Recordings]
Prosumer & Murat Tepeli, “What Makes You Go For It” [Ostgut Tonträger]
Chelonis R. Jones & Marc Romboy, “Helen Cornell” (Stefan Goldmann Macro Version) [Systematic]
Kissogram, “My Friend Is A Seahorse” (James Priestley & Dan Berkson’s ‘Bariz E Syntho’ Remix) [defDrive]
Siobhan Donaghy, “Don’t Give It Up” (Carl Craig Dub Remix) [Parlophone]

Check it out if this looks like something pleasing to your ears. (Please excuse the chaos surrounding the Jesse Rose track. Its fidget rhythms may have gotten the best of me, but the rest is fairly smooth sailing.)


6 comments so far

  1. todd on

    couldn’t find a link to download it, is it there ?

  2. Joe on

    same here, looks like the page cuts off part way down. 😦

  3. littlewhiteearbuds on

    Hmm, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. The download link is after the tracklist. Try throwing this in your browser: http://soulclap.us/podcast/episode21.mp3

  4. Joe on

    yes that works – look forward to hearing it.
    (by the way, the page cuts off at: “Perhaps the best (and most NSFW) place would be” for me)

  5. djelyte on

    sorry on the confusion. everything is fixed now. bigup the earbuds!

  6. teleost on

    this was a lot of fun, especially false through to jesse rose. that false track is an unsung highlight of 2007.
    thanks for the mix!

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