This is Steve Mizek’s mp3/music criticism blog; I’m here to feed your ears and inflict my opinions on your mind. I also write for Resident Advisor, New City Chicago and Alarm Press, and am always interested in expanding that list. Posted .mp3s are meant to spur purchases, so please buy the music that you’ve enjoyed here. Tracks will be up for only seven days. If you have something to contribute, an .mp3 you think should be taken down, a picture that needs proper attribution, or something fun and derisive to say, please comment or email me at codebreaker (at) gEEmail dot commerce.


31 comments so far

  1. brad owen on

    nice blog

  2. lee foss on

    cool blog, btw the date on the booka shade show is march 19th, dan berkson and james what are playing as well.

  3. LBN on

    great blog.

    who made the ghosts in the image of 26 feb?

  4. Steve PMX on

    Hi I love you and your blog. The images you use for illustrative porpoises really fit the bill! perhaps we can link linkers – my crew’s blog is 88 DC and sports lots of similar randomness….http://www.eightyeightdc.com/88blog/

    cheers πŸ™‚

  5. duke shin / new city on

    nice site, good taste.


  6. Brad Owen on

    also….here is my blog in case you’d like to link it up


  7. Melissa on

    Hi there.
    Just wanted to give you a shout out and thank you for all the epic tunes you add to your blog each day. I am listening and I appreciate you sharing. Keep up the good work. thank you, thank you, thank you!! TGIF!

  8. Gamall Backspin Promotions on

    Steve reach out and let me know your info
    I’ll make sure you get a promo of the new Matthew Dear …

    Nice write up !!

  9. NB on

    Hey! Can you reupload the KLF tune please and pm me? Great post/bog as ever

  10. skypher on

    Love your blog, both the music and writing. Didn’t know you also write at RA – nice. Keep up!

  11. Alex on

    Thanks for hosting this Steve. I’m filling up on so many good tunes, I love the breadth of styles. Make me a mix puh-lease.

  12. N.N on

    Very nice blog!
    Love your sound, please, keep it grooving

  13. tamzyn on

    my new favourite blog πŸ™‚

  14. math on

    hey good blog !

    visit my blog !

  15. boy on

    This and Music For Robots are my two favorite blogs. I love the images too. Yaaaaay.

  16. rob white on

    hi im a dj / producer from cape town, s.a. – love your blog spot and was wondering if youd like you to post some of my stuff on your blog?

    its kinda dark, slow and moody a la radioslave.

    hope you enjoy – below is a link to one track, let me know if you would like me send more.


    rob white


  17. Hubert on

    Hi Steve
    Massive fan of your blog keep up the good work.
    Below is a link to my latest mix(it owes a hell of a lot to this blog!)

  18. Hubert on

    Hi Steve
    Massive fan of your blog keep up the good work.
    Below is a link to my latest mix(it owes a hell of a lot to this blog!)

  19. Tom Arnold on

    Hi There,

    Love your blog – I read it through google reader – great tunes.

    My friend Haydn and myself both write a daily blog and would love top know if if you would like to add us to your links section – we would do the same in return if you feel we were up top scratch.


    Let me know what you think.



  20. Jill C. on

    The best part about your blog is you! I think you are a very good critic with a very unique style of writing . I love it! Music, is the creme de la creme, pictures superb and words are in a class of their own! Keep up your work its what I look forward to everyday, my friend!

  21. Jill C. on

    Ooops ! forgot to mention how very grateful I am to you, for introducing Spirit Catcher to me! TURN IT UP!! Truly, madly, deeply, yours Jill C.X

  22. Kelrock on

    I enjoyed reading your latest post on the pros and cons of mp3’s…..and let me tell you that as a lover of all things techno I really enjoy visiting your blog and sampling the mp3’s. Your mp3’s have allowed me to get into new artists and as a result I have bought additional tracks/albums from said artists…therefore this is most likely music I would never have heard nor purchased. Your blogs help artists in my opinion so keep up the good work.


  23. Cacahuetes on

    want you exchange friends links ?

    thx πŸ™‚

  24. Fredrik on

    Why, why, why, why have you cut down on the downable posts….I feel like a kid whos been cheaetd hes only sweet. any how. this is one of the best music blogs in the world. I always use this site for new sweet tunes to buy on mp3 sites. you should get commision…

  25. bmsoho on

    Have a nice weekend!

  26. cassy on

    my husband tobias freund just stumbled over this website and found something posted from 31 july… about him producing my track blablabla. nice to know … well i guess this journalist must have a very reliable source for his infos. good journalism. nice blog. great… i will definitely recommend littlwhiteearbuds to all my friends. i actually don’t even dj myself it’s my twin sister she knows how to do it better. i just want to look good and pretend i can do stuff because it’s more fun this way… ;)) have a lovely day and go on with your great journalistic endeavours!! all the best to you who know everything about me. love cassy

  27. Mom on

    I’m so proud of you!

  28. BILL HARDY on

    Nice piece on MBC V3. Just to add some collaboration that previous release is not a Ron edit. It’s a remix by Chicago Dj K Alexi.

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  30. katihos on

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