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The unwitting theme of tonight’s Empty Bottle show was an unchecked resurgence of childhood. Scene girls secretly rebeled against mothers who once told them, “No, Julie, you can’t wear six shirts, two skirts and my gaudy jewelry” and piled it on high. Openers The Magic seemed stuck in church basement/family minivan-transported/pizza party mode, still bashing out that same ragged “punk” tune. The Party Downers‘ technical know-how was channeled through seventh grade’s humor themes, leading to songs called “Awesome” that contained few words more. Afraid the next band would throw a 30 minute long tantrum I ducked out early. Not to hate on childhood music-making; it’s good fun and formative experience to muck around like that. When you’re losing your hair and puffing Parliaments, no one wants your inner children on stage. Think of how embarrassing the home videos will be when they sync up, on YouTube, with Bobby’s first gig.

And now for some music that isn’t boring:

Coil, “Panic”

Gary Wilson, “Groovy Girls Make Love At the Beach”

Suicide, “Mr. Ray”

Chrome, “You Can’t Do Anything”

Alternative TV, “Life”