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Space between toes

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Here’s my long-belated review of Lindstrøm‘s single with Solale, “Let’s Practise,” now up on RA.

Minilogue, “Orglar A” [Minilogue]

Moebius, Plank & Neumeier, “Pitch Control” [Sky Records]

DeepChord, “Vantage Isle” (Echospace Reshape) [echospace [detroit]]


Is it all over my face?

Did a quick little write up about Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas’s exceptional Essential Mix for RA which you can read here. I know Mr. Prins has a new mix disc coming out this summer, but why not one from the two of them?

Ilya Santana, “Discotized” [Permanent Vacation]

Agoria, “Stereolove” (Paul Kalkbrenner’s “John 3-20” Mix) [Different, PIAS France]

Dolly La Parton, “Whenever” [Bemysheep]

Little White Earbuds April Charts

Top five tracks are no better or worse than the other 10 Hits, just chose to write about them. Same for the Misses.

01. Stardiver, “Another Moment of Silence” [Kompakt Extra]
What a leap up since Burger’s last Speicher appearance. This is what this moniker should do best: unfolding shimmering melodies over a smart, rambling arpeggios. A cosmic warm-up to a stellar DJ set.
02. Kalabrese, “Not the Same Shoes” (ft. Kate Wax) [Stattmusik]
Kalabrese is anything but a sure bet for me, but here he nails it. Kate Wax’s gritty pipes provide great contrast to the tune, which itself is a clever mix of sleek and gnarled. Bass flares, free-spirited synth vamps, konk drums and Kalabrese’s effortless vocals — it all fills a need I didn’t know I had.
03. Sebbo, “Beirut Boogie” [Liebe Detail]
Now that “Fizheuer Zieheuer” is on the table, horns are liberated from the semi-exclusive hands of house. There’s a bit of nastiness I love about the track; it’s chorus (if you want to call it that) is so fierce it makes the blip percussion seem puny. A little out of balance, still essential.
04. Cold, “Strobelight Network” (Eulberg & Ananda remix) [Exacta.udio]
This track is like a normal, everyday walk to work, but along the way you walk through two parades of hippie drone musicians who are especially happy about life. A brave DJ would hit a crowded floor with this to see what happens.
05. Lindstrøm & Solale, “Let’s Practise” [Feedelity]
This revises a demo Lindstrom posted on his Myspace earlier this year. Crisp space disco with psychedelic arpeggios and sultry vocals that, while appearing simple on the surface next to some of Prins Thomas’s recent productions, is a strong argument for Hans-Peter sticking with the genre for a while.

06. Jona, “Smart Cats vs Dumb Dogs” [Get Physical] (review forthcoming)
07. Kaliber “12.1” [Kaliber]
08. Joel Pryde, “Slow Burn” [none]
09. The Rice Twins, “Can I Say” [Kompakt]
10. Thomas P. Heckmann, “Violent Stains” [Rasputin]
11. Matthew Dear, “Deserter” (Four Tet remix) [Ghostly Intl]
12. Mark August, “Warm” [Innervisions]
13. Substance & Vainqueur, “Reverberation” [Scion Versions]
14. Marc Antona, “X-Tension” [Freak ‘n Chic]
15. Lusine, “Flat For You” (Matthew Dear remix) [Ghostly Intl]


01. Luke Solomon, “Ghouls” (Claude VonStroke’s Beats From the Grave) [Rekids]
I can’t play this until my next Halloween rave and I’m not sure I like that. Glad to see VonStroke is still having fun, I guess.
02. All of the “Fancy Footwork” remixes [Turbo Recordings]
03. Booka Shade, “Tickle/Karma Car” [Get Physical Recordings]
04. Robert Babicz, “Sin (Remixes)” [Systematic]
05. Sid LeRock, ” Naked” [Cereal/Killer]

World leaders pretend

Our first track today comes from John Paul Jones and Ryan Cavanagh of NYC, who graciously sent me their mix of “The Eraser.” Keep your eyes open for more Worst Friends material here and elsewhere — the guys are currently shopping their tunes to a number of highly respected labels.

Thom Yorke, “The Eraser” (Worst Friends Mix) [none]

Ellen Allien & Apparat, “Jet” (Ben Klock remix) [BPitch Control]

Mr. Oizo, “Inside the Kidney Machine” [F Communications]

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, “Boney M Down” (alt. version) [Eskimo Recordings]


My first feature for Resident Advisor — a sort of “What’s Lindstrøm up to in 2007?” — went up this morning, which I’m quite excited about. Expect more of these sorts of features in the coming months.

I recently received a mix set from reader from Portugal who goes by the alias of Stuart. It’s an exhaustive French Touch/electro rock set leaning a little heavy on Justice that fits neatly in the iPods of SebastiAn/Guns ‘N’ Bombs fans. I’d be interested to know where else this sound is rattling teeth loose and making los ellos bailan.

Download Stuart’s mix, “Molotov”.


Does It Offend You, Yeah?, “We Are Rockstars”
Justice, “Waters of Nazareth” (John Reeden remix)
Kavinsky, “Testarrossa Autodrive” (SebastiAn remix)
Goodbooks, “Leni” (Kissy Sell Out remix)
Moulinex, “Salt”
Xinobi, “Turbonegro’s Lesson”
Justice, “Let There Be Light” (DJ Discrete mix)
Trashtalk, “Tankgirl”
Hystereo, “Validity Revision”
Franz & Shape, “Countach”
Digitalism, “Zdarlight (Paranoid Asteroid)”
Depeche Mode, “Never Let Me Down Again” (Digitalism remix)
Yuksek, “Composer”
Vitalic, “Candy”
Passions, “Emergency”
Toxic Avenger, “Kissin the Remix”

Bruises and other discolorations

Links galore! First, those of you wondering how the Lindstrom live PA went, my friend Tyler wrote it up for Pitchfork and I contributed some photos. Check it out here. My review of Erol Alkan’s “Golden Skans” rework is also up on Resident Advisor here. And finally, I have to send out baskets full of thanks to one of my favorite critics, Philip Sherburne for linking LWE in his blogroll. Seeing that made me quite proud, as dorky and fanboy as that is.

Jesse Somfay, “Cygnus Wreathe (Room 531)” (original mix)

Tennishero, “Alone”

Thomas Barnett, “The Thrill of the Hunt”

Lindstrøm in Chicago tonight!

Hardly the most original picture I could have chosen, I know, but it hasn’t gotten old for me yet. Thanks to Tyler’s compelling emails I have the privilege of interviewing Lindstrøm tonight. If anyone has any last minute questions for him, make sure to comment. To celebrate being able to experience him performing live — one of three U.S. performances — here are a couple of my favorite Lindstrøm tracks. So if you’re in Chicago, hope to see you at the Funky Buddha Lounge tonight — I’ll be one of the many flipping out on the dance floor.

Lindstrøm, “There’s A Drink In My Bedroom And I Need A Hot Lady”

Lindstrøm, “Another Station” (Todd Terje remix)


Force of Nature, “Liberate”

Luciano & Serafin, “Voodoo’s N Blue” [Cadenza]

Alden Tyrell, “Disco Lunar Module” (Prins Thomas & Lindstrøm remix)

Keith, “Mona Lisa’s Child” (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke remix) [Gotta give it up to Palms Out Sounds for this one.]

Nesakyk Mamai!, “No Front Teeth”

And here I bought you a mailbox

Madonna, “Jump” (Jacques Lu Cont remix)

Soulwax, “E Talking” (Rex the Dog remix)

Lindstrøm, “Further Into the Future”

Edit: Sorry to those of you who already downloaded and received broken tracks. I’m going to kill the links entirely and rehost the tracks soon. ZShare is being douchey.