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Little White Earbuds April Charts

Top five tracks are no better or worse than the other 10 Hits, just chose to write about them. Same for the Misses.

01. Stardiver, “Another Moment of Silence” [Kompakt Extra]
What a leap up since Burger’s last Speicher appearance. This is what this moniker should do best: unfolding shimmering melodies over a smart, rambling arpeggios. A cosmic warm-up to a stellar DJ set.
02. Kalabrese, “Not the Same Shoes” (ft. Kate Wax) [Stattmusik]
Kalabrese is anything but a sure bet for me, but here he nails it. Kate Wax’s gritty pipes provide great contrast to the tune, which itself is a clever mix of sleek and gnarled. Bass flares, free-spirited synth vamps, konk drums and Kalabrese’s effortless vocals — it all fills a need I didn’t know I had.
03. Sebbo, “Beirut Boogie” [Liebe Detail]
Now that “Fizheuer Zieheuer” is on the table, horns are liberated from the semi-exclusive hands of house. There’s a bit of nastiness I love about the track; it’s chorus (if you want to call it that) is so fierce it makes the blip percussion seem puny. A little out of balance, still essential.
04. Cold, “Strobelight Network” (Eulberg & Ananda remix) [Exacta.udio]
This track is like a normal, everyday walk to work, but along the way you walk through two parades of hippie drone musicians who are especially happy about life. A brave DJ would hit a crowded floor with this to see what happens.
05. Lindstrøm & Solale, “Let’s Practise” [Feedelity]
This revises a demo Lindstrom posted on his Myspace earlier this year. Crisp space disco with psychedelic arpeggios and sultry vocals that, while appearing simple on the surface next to some of Prins Thomas’s recent productions, is a strong argument for Hans-Peter sticking with the genre for a while.

06. Jona, “Smart Cats vs Dumb Dogs” [Get Physical] (review forthcoming)
07. Kaliber “12.1” [Kaliber]
08. Joel Pryde, “Slow Burn” [none]
09. The Rice Twins, “Can I Say” [Kompakt]
10. Thomas P. Heckmann, “Violent Stains” [Rasputin]
11. Matthew Dear, “Deserter” (Four Tet remix) [Ghostly Intl]
12. Mark August, “Warm” [Innervisions]
13. Substance & Vainqueur, “Reverberation” [Scion Versions]
14. Marc Antona, “X-Tension” [Freak ‘n Chic]
15. Lusine, “Flat For You” (Matthew Dear remix) [Ghostly Intl]


01. Luke Solomon, “Ghouls” (Claude VonStroke’s Beats From the Grave) [Rekids]
I can’t play this until my next Halloween rave and I’m not sure I like that. Glad to see VonStroke is still having fun, I guess.
02. All of the “Fancy Footwork” remixes [Turbo Recordings]
03. Booka Shade, “Tickle/Karma Car” [Get Physical Recordings]
04. Robert Babicz, “Sin (Remixes)” [Systematic]
05. Sid LeRock, ” Naked” [Cereal/Killer]


Matthew Dear live @ the Empty Bottle

It’s probably rash of me to make a judgment like this; but even without hearing Asa Breed, Matthew Dear’s forthcoming album on Ghostly International, as a finished product, I’m ready to give it the crown of crossover album of the year. Last night Matthew Dear’s Big Hands (aka Dear with a drummer and bassist) made its second and final “preview” live PA in Chicago (Detroit being the first). Moments after he cued up the first beat in their set, I’d forgotten all about the unusually long wait before the first act, the high-school talent show abomination that was The Flesh, and the dj duo who spun nothing but crackling 80s pop tunes and looked uncannily like the villains of Superman 2.

As his Ableton-aided laptop cranked out dense beat kernels, Dear, whose DJ sets have found him rather stoic, stepped right into the role of frontman. He looked loose and energized as he swung his hands, threw down some claps and loosed his baritone bellow upon the crowd. His vocals called to mind a blend of David Gahan, Alan Vega of Suicide (the “ow!” shouts didn’t hurt) and Ian Curtis, quickly switching between foreboding and introspective delivery styles. Though the base beats were innately tied to techno, the full band sound also took cues from the aforementioned singers’ groups. Layered vocals and tenebrous synths were pushed to their greatest immediacy by the cracking percussion and fat bass tone, Dear sauntering at the front, curled locks trembling from the vibrations and gyrations. The tunes alternated between hypnotically danceable and firmly planted full-on melancholic meditations with resonating pulses felt in listeners’ jugulars. I could see why he’s cited David Byrne and Brian Eno’s samplepiece My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts as an inspiration. Everything about this new period in Matthew Dear’s career seems fully realized: Not one note/tune sounded out of place or still needing practice (though the drummer didn’t seem to remember any of the words), his presentation of Asa Breed material was as precisely entertaining as a Booka Shade set, even the album cover has me wowed. I’ve not been this excited for a record release in quite some time. Mark June 6th on your calendars now.

My friends over at Random Circuits have the Four Tet remix of Dear’s new single posted — a must hear. More of my pictures from the show are available here. And if somehow you’ve managed to not hear “Deserter,” do yourself a favor and stream it here.

I found the simple life ain’t so simple

Some snaps I took from last night’s Audion set just went up on Pitchfork. The vibe at Sonotheque was fantastic — lots of people very happy about being clubbed to death with chunky, minimal beats. Matthew played an excellent set that matched, if not surpassed the last time I saw him spin. Also had the chance to meet Travis, who writes for More Cowbell and is a lovely guy who really knows his shit when it comes to techno. Many thanks to my friend Joe for his help with this post.

Tracey Thorn, “It’s All True” (Martin Buttrich remix)

The Field, “The Deal”

John Spring, “Strange”

MFSB, “Love Is the Message” (Francois K remix)

Matthew Dear in Chicago tonight

Tonight Matthew Dear is djing at the plush train car of a club known as Sonotheque, which has my friends and me fairly excited. One thing I haven’t gathered is whether he’s spinning as himself or Audion [Update: a timely Spectral bulletin on Myspace tells me this is an Audion set]. Not sure if the name would make a difference, but either way I’m holding out for a set less techy and sterile than the Audion Fabric mix. It looks like I’ll be taking more pictures for Pitchfork, too, so keep an eye out for those. In honor of his pending performance, here are a couple of my favorite Matthew Dear/Audion tunes:

Matthew Dear, “And In the Night”

Audion, “Just A Man”

Bombs in your basement

NOMO, “Nu Tones” (Matthew Dear remix)

Thomas Brinkmann, “Today”

Monolake, “Index”

Sleeparchive, “Bleep 04”

Here’s my review of the new Martin Buttrich single, “Well Done.”

Classy, refined, shirtless, creepy

Matthew Dear, “And In the Night”

D’Angelo, “Jonz In My Bones”

Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb, “18 Years” (one of my favorite tracks on the year)

Bobby Womack, “No Money In My Pocket”

Luomo, “Class”