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Republic of Upper Volta

A sign of influence

As much as I love Beatport, I rarely find myself trusting the playlists they hype or the people who binge on them. But sometimes you’re really bored at work and Beatport slips you an email of staff recommendations; you just have to look. Among other things, label manager Dave suggested “Ombala Mbembo” by Arto Mwambé. According to his Myspace, Mwambé is from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and his latest release, “Mudhutma!” (on Munich-centered Brontosaurus Records) is perfect for someone coming off a Moodymann bender. He starts right in with tension-laden string melodies, plucky whistles and a relentless female vocal loop. Highly recommended for those who pine for soul to overtake minimalism in modern deep house.

Arto Mwambé, “Noh Ngambebo” [Brontosaurus] (buy) (buy) (buy)

On the flipside is “Noh Ngamebo,” which expands Mwambé’s palate and gets my rating. Wrapping a cowbell jangle around a dark and meaty bassline and simple piano chords, the tune starts off rather low to the Earth. But it soon finds its feet at the arrival of zealous pads which attack and then mellow out. In other words, it’s a potential monster on the dancefloor. If you enjoy these tunes, make sure to get yourself a copy and check out Mwambé’s other tunes, which can be purchased here and here. Keep on eye on Brontosaurus (who were kind enough to lend me the track exclusively for one week only) as well, they’ve got a unique ear for talent.


Family ties

Not my grandma, but a cute picture, no?

The other day I drove my grandma from my parents’ house to her assisted living center. I figured a little music would make the 45 minute drive go by a little quicker and she told me she didn’t mind. Nearly blind, Grandma still stared eagerly out the window while Âme’s self-titled debut filled the car with their brand of deep house vibrations. She turned to me several times during the ride to tell me she really liked the tune at the moment and chat a bit. She told me she and my grandpa and everyone they knew used to go dancing all the time. She was glad to see our generation still valued the merriment and release of simply shaking our bodies in time. I asked if I could make her a mix. Since then I’ve been going through my collection and asking others to add in finding tunes my little old grandma would enjoy. Here are a couple which make the cut.

I:Cube, “Picnic Attack” [Versatile] (buy)
Start your walkers! I:Cube serves up a sizzling slice of house that’s all raw energy. Its descending synth riff cuts through the knotty funk bass line like a lightning bolt. Not for use before bedtime.

Innerzone Orchestra, “At Les” [Talkin’ Loud] (buy) (buy)
Perhaps the “classiest” selection of the bunch, the piano work in “At Les” is simply stunning. The tune thrums in anticipation conjured up by those blurry chords. I’d like my grandma to namedrop Carl Craig every now and again.

Moodymann, “Mislead” [Planet E]
When you’ve been alive long enough to have seen a massive Depression, world wars of all sorts and the birth of pop music — all that fun stuff, you probably want to cut to the chase: So where did this stuff come from? Moodymann imbues midnight blue vibes with this scene-setting track, awash in dreamy drones, and answers politely.

Should be a snow day

Funkstoerung, “1st Stroke” (Funkstoerung remix)
Moodymann, “Music People”

Konrad Black, “Jefferson & Braeside”

Eric Prydz, “Call On Me” (Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon Calling remix)

Pretty sleepy

Moodymann, “Shine”

Antena, “Camino Del Sol” (Joakim remix)

Antena, “Camino Del Sol”

The Flesh Eaters, “Pray Til’ You Sweat”

Spacemen 3, “Amen”