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No slump in sight here

Kerri Chandler, “Last Man Up” [Deeply Rooted House] (buy)

Bee Gees, “Nights On Broadway” [RSO Records, Inc.] (buy) [Thanks, Tyler!]

Djinxx, “Be Quiet” (D Julz remix) [Electrochoc] (buy)


Pieces of the people we edit

My review of the unjustifiably over-hyped new single by Battles, as well as the oddball remix by DJ Koze, is now up on RA. Who knew Kanye West’s helium-huffing vocal samples had an impact on the experimental/rock noodler set?

Kissogram, “My Friend Is A Seahorse” (James Priestley & Dan Berkson’s Bariz e Syntho remix) [defDrive] (peace to ikeaboy for this one)

DMX Krew, “Body Destruction” [Sonic Groove]

Gabriel Ananda, “Miracel Whop” [Platzhirsch Schallplatten]

Lot going on with that one

Art by Brendan Larson

Jamie Jones, “Paper Trail” [Crosstown Rebels]

Convextion, “Sulphar Vent” [Down Low Music]

2000 and One, “Tropical Melons” [Cocoon Recordings]

International Pony, “Superyou” (Jackmate remix) [Columbia Records]

Today I had to do an improbable thing: yank on a pair of long johns in snowy(!) April. Chicago, I love you, but you’ve got to get your seasons right.

Day by day

Magda, “Whatever It Snakes” (Derek Unreleased edit) [white]

Cosmic Sandwich, “Scatter Realm” (Bukaddor & Fishbeck remix) [My Best Friend]

Lee Van Dowski & Quenum, “Dude Bond 334” [Soma Quality Recordings]

Farben, “Live At Sahara Tahoe, 1973” [Klang Elektronik]

Bubble bobble

Beanfield, “Tides” (Carl Craig #1 Movement remix) [Compost Records]

Matthias Tanzmann, “Nip Slip” [Moon Harbour Recordings]

Mike Ink, “Polier” [Profan]

Anders Ilar, “A” []

World leaders pretend

Our first track today comes from John Paul Jones and Ryan Cavanagh of NYC, who graciously sent me their mix of “The Eraser.” Keep your eyes open for more Worst Friends material here and elsewhere — the guys are currently shopping their tunes to a number of highly respected labels.

Thom Yorke, “The Eraser” (Worst Friends Mix) [none]

Ellen Allien & Apparat, “Jet” (Ben Klock remix) [BPitch Control]

Mr. Oizo, “Inside the Kidney Machine” [F Communications]

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, “Boney M Down” (alt. version) [Eskimo Recordings]

Hold your silence high

Picture found by Christine, LJ_unequal

Lee Jones, “Wax Off” [Liebe Detail]

Superpitcher, “Happiness” (Lawrence mix) [Kompakt]

Efdemin, “Bergwein” [Dial]

Heckmann & Kauffelt, “Klapperspecht” [Acid Fuckers Unite]

Keepers! All of them! Support!

For your troubles

Half Hawaii, “Out of You” [Perlon]

Owusu & Hannibal, “Delirium” (Morgan Geist mix) [Ubiquity]
Marco Resmann, “Gouache” [Mobilee]

Ella Fitzgerald, “Slap That Bass” (Miguel Migs Petalpusher remix) [Verve]

Those of you interested how Booka Shade’s Chicago show went can find out at Resident Advisor, where my review is up now. Currently buried under a pile of review releases (The Academy Is? Really?) which are sucking up my writing time. Hopefully I’ll be back in the saddle later this week.

Charting your gym behavior

Baby Ford & Benno Blome, “Smoke Machine” (Bruno Pronsato remix)

Dettmann & Ben Klock, “Dawning”

Oliver Huntemann, “Radio” (Oliver Koletzki remix)

Tonepushers, “Daydreamer” (Jesse Somfay’s Pass the Pillow remix)

Sign on the dotted line

Normally I wouldn’t mention this site’s traffic; I’m much more focused on writing and tunes than on something like hits. Here’s your but: Yesterday LWE received over a thousand page views in a 24 hour span. I’m amazed there are that many people whose tastes and Internet habits bump into my spheres of interest. But with the advent of aggregators like Hype Machine, Digg,, Technorati and the always helpful Google Blog Search, our searches are more precisely attuned to our interests and connecting with otherwise unknown but no less hardworking writers/bloggers/artists and their work is more likely. Say what you want about the blogging age — your chance of having your voice heard is greater, for better or worse. For that, I have to share my excitement. Thanks for reading; I hope you stick around and enjoy the tunes.

Trentemøller, “An Evening With Bobi Bros”

Tomas Jirku, “Pohádka” [from Thomas Brinkmann’s, Tour De Traum]
Pole, “Achterbahn”

Sebo K, “Too Hot” (Shyza Minelli’s Queen of Reverb remix)

Pan Sonic, “Painovoima (Gravity)”

Also, my review of Lopazz’s new single, “Share My Rhythm” on Get Physical, is now up on Resident Advisor.